Emanuel Dubois goes for the purest silver (925 sterling silver). Each piece of jewelry is handmade in Bali. The jewelry is made with the right discipline and love in a process of 17 hours, making every piece of jewelry perfect. The silver brings good luck through the Buddhist way of making the silver where the silver smiths say: What is made with good luck is worn with good luck.


Delivery time

Country Delivery time
Netherlands 1/2 Workdays
Germany 2/3 Workdays
Belgium 2/3 Workdays
France 3/4 Workdays
United Kingdom 3/4 Workdays
Sweden 3/5 Workdays
Switzerland 3/5 Workdays
Austria 3/5 Workdays
Spain 3/5 Workdays
Italy 3/5 Workdays
United States 8/9 Workdays